From the InspireChoir Team

Servant Leadership in Choirs

One of my favorite sayings in leadership comes from Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, who says “leadership is for giving” and stresses that “we are worth what we give away.” Oftentimes, students are interested in leadership positions for personal reasons such as supplementing college applications, attempting to win scholarships, seeking gains in popularity, and more.  Few students enter leadership with a true servant’s heart because it’s not in their nature to do so…students are genetically wired to think of themselves first…and that’s okay!  We, as teachers, must show them the powerful nature of how leadership can give to and impact others.

One of our favorite events in choir is our annual “Choir Cares.”  Typically, this happens during the holidays and we seek out charities who are in need, both in goods and presents and in song.  While many organizations give to others, we have a truly unique perspective in choir.  We can not only give monetarily and through tokens of appreciation, but also through song.  It is the multidimensional approach to service and leadership that makes what we do so compelling and also so fulfilling!  Feel free to share your own heart with your students – they are truly a reflection of you and can spread warmth and love through their actions AND music!