Our Inspired Mission

At InspireChoir, our mission is simple and is centered on three basic tenets:

  1. Sing.
  2. Share.
  3. Serve.

These three core values shape our philosophy, mission, and actions.

On our site, we hope to engage choral music educators in meaningful discussion, reflection, and innovation in the hopes of finding solutions that inspire our singers.  Through this site, it is our mission to:

  • Innovate in the classroom to create exciting lessons for my students that teach necessary concepts.
  • Nourish students’ need for attention, acknowledgment, and praise.
  • Strengthen emotional bonds with other students in the ensemble, with the music itself, and with themselves.
  • Promote a risk-free environment where students can find success.
  • Illuminate minds to realize a world far bigger than themselves.
  • Rehearse students effectively to keep them engaged.
  • Energize lessons to recruit, retain, and motivate.