From the InspireChoir Team

Lights, Camera, ACTION – Creating a Student-Led Vision for Success

The next step in our student leadership series is empowering students to take their created mission and values and formulate a strategic plan to accomplish goals.  These original macro-level goals must be strategically created and sequenced by both directors and students to find success.

Goals can be individual, by section, class, or programmatic.  Some examples can include:

  • Developing individual student leadership characteristics
  • Working with others effectively
  • Conflict resolution
  • Meeting and including new/unknown students
  • Recruiting more members to the program
  • Interacting with elementary/intermediate choirs
  • Focusing on solutions rather than problems
  • Being positive/energetic/enthusiastic in the classroom

Aim to sit down with your student leaders to reflect on their purpose, their impacts on it, how they can use their skills to enhance the program, and how they can individually refine or develop new skills.  Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.  Give students the opportunity first to write down their ideas – this may be a vulnerable exercise where some students choose not to share, but as you model leadership and trust, they will begin to trust and open up to each other.