Choir Cares

At InspireChoir, we strive to not only make exemplary music and provide opportunities for growth for our choral students, we also seek to provide opportunities for leadership and service to schools and communities.

Choir Cares is a program developed in 2013 that was created to supplement the music making in the choral rehearsal setting.  At InspireChoir, we knew that music brought joy to the hearts of so many individuals, and wanted to expand the program to a larger audience.  Thus far, the program has reached numerous populations, including:

Campus/Staff Serenades

Supporting administrators and staff to help them feel special on birthdays, special occasions, or just to show them care! In addition to song, cards of appreciation for their hard work and efforts are given to administrators on these serenade days.

Community Caroling

Choirs caroling in the community is a common tradition in schools, giving students the opportunity to share the gift of song as a method of serving their local community for their support of choral programs throughout the year.

Service-Based Learning

One of our favorite Choir Cares projects through InspireChoir was our partnership with a local homeless shelter and soup kitchen.  We traveled to this location, provided song to those in need, helped serve food, and provided much needed clothing for those not as fortunate.  This was done in conjunction with our caroling tour.

Singers Against Bullying

Though it may not seem connected to choir, providing students with a safe environment in which to sing can help students to feel a part of a positive community of singers, musicians, and peers.  Collaboration with counselors and administrators has been quite successful in distributing information and support to school-wide bullying programs.