From the InspireChoir Team

A Continued Leadership Journey

The leaders have been elected, the plans made, the relationships cultivated…where do we go from here?  How can you push your leaders to take the next step and do more than just the status quo?  Thus comes the need to balance productivity with psychology and motivation – truly a tricky slope.

Begin by revisiting your mission statement.  Have you stayed on track?  Has it morphed throughout the year into something else?  Evaluating where you are NOW compared to where you have BEEN can be a really powerful and rewarding experience for kids.  We all enjoy checking things off the list and being praised when doing something well.  If your mission and vision for success have stayed the course, strive to evaluate your individual and officer goals.   Where are things super productive and successful?  Where are areas for improvement?   Try to create ways for students to engage in productive, yet constructive discussions.  “Get real,” as Dr. Phil would say.  Really…where are you now and where can you be?

As we wrap up our leadership series, reflect on the quote: “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what it’s built for.”  Have you enabled your students to be self-sufficient leaders?  So far, they have built a mission and vision, worked to identify their strengths and weaknesses in their leadership traits, developed and built goals for success, built, repaired, and strengthened relationships, and evaluated their progress in hopes of greater success.  Leadership is sometimes a slippery slope of ever-changing dynamics, just like the choral setting.  Rehearsals go well some days, meetings are controversial and conflict-laden on other days.

Hopefully throughout this process, your kids have become stronger, more enabled students who are reliable, kind, and yes, even opinionated.  As you take the training wheels off and allow your students to shine, step back and let the train go from the gate.  Trust them to lead each other through grace and kindness, just like the leadership that you have modeled throughout the year.  Yes, check in every now and then and have your officers report what they’re doing, but your trust in them will only help to enhance their trust in each other and ultimately themselves.  This is only the beginning of their leadership journey, and between us – it’s the best part.